Q: What is Fondant?
A:  Fondant is basically edible play-doh.  If you've tasted the pre-packaged boxed fondant from your area grocery store, PLEASE know that my fondant does NOT taste like that.  The fondant I use tastes very good.

Q:  Should I refrigerate my cake after pick-up?
A:  If your cake is frosted with buttercream or chocolate frosting then No. It can sit out for 2-3 days as long as it is covered immediately after use. Also if your cake is covered in fondant then No.  Fondant can tend to sweat in the refrigerator and can ruin the design of the cake.  If your cake is frosted in a cream cheese frosting or has a cream cheese filling then Yes.

Q:  Can you print anything onto sugar paper?
A:  No.  I cannot print anything that is copyrighted.   But any random clipart or personal photos are fine.

Q:  What information should I have ready for you when I order a custom cake?
A:  *The Date of the Event    *What you have in mind for the design (the more specific the better)    *Whether you will be picking it up or if it will need to be delivered    *How many people you will need to feed.

Q:  I am having a large number of guests at my party.  How could I make my order more cost effective?
A:  I would recommend ordering a smaller "display" cake and having an "extra servings" sheet cake to serve to the remaining guests.

Q:  What is your payment policy
A:  If final cake price is $75 or more I ask that you put at least 50% down with order.  All other payments can be made at time of pick-up/delivery.